Est. 2010

Fresh Organic Food In the Sky
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Locally Sourced, Great Selections & More

Discover our selection of locally-sourced meats, fruits, & vegetables. Organic, fresh, tasty, and most importantly, stimulating the local economy.

Our team has prepared an on-demand selection of flavors boasting nearly every corner of the planet. Excite your taste buds with new cuisines, or old comforts.

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a flavor that just isn’t on the menu. Our team of dedicated professionals can stir up just what your heart desires! Give us a call and we can help you get exactly what you desire.

What we serve

What’s On The Menu?

Breakfast & Snacks

Lighter fare to start your morning.

Soups & Sandwiches

Lunch options to keep you going.

Meat & Seafood

A great meal to end the day.